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Wishing You a Holiday to Reconnect and Rest
The holidays are almost here, but we’ve got you covered. Although the NGOsource office closes for holiday break December 23, 2013January 1, 2014, we are committed to you.

We will meet all 2013 and early 2014 due dates, provided that NGOs submit applications to us by their deadlines and respond to inquiries in a timely fashion. As always, we will notify you directly if we expect any delays.
Happy Holidays
Despite the holiday schedule, you can still reach us during the break at for any time-sensitive inquiries.

Wishing you the best this season,

Ken, Kyle, Sheila, Meghan, Danish, and Fonda
Our Gifts to You: New and Enhanced Features
To better address your needs and enhance your experience, NGOsource has added new features and functionality to the grantmaker portal and central repository.

  • Multiple Users: Now multiple users can access a single grantmaker account. Each user can choose to track all equivalency determinations for that account, or only those EDs that user requested.
  • Payment Options: For those members who prefer to pay by check, we can start your ED requests much earlier — as soon as an invoice is started, rather than waiting for payment to be received.
  • Specific Instructions: Members have the option to submit additional details or specific instructions when they initiate any ED request.
Our Gifts to You: New and Enhanced Features
Also look out for upcoming 2014 enhancements that we’re working on now, like improved search and reporting as well as automated reminders.

To set up the new payment feature or to take a guided tour of any new functionality, contact our account specialists directly.
Some NGOs Aren’t Equivalent: Avoiding the Risk
Not every NGO is equivalent to a U.S. public charity. We asked our senior attorney Meghan Hanson why. Not only does she review equivalency determinations and manage our process, but she’s also written course work on the legalities of international grantmaking.

Why do NGOs fail to get certified? Here are the top three reasons:
  1. No Legal Entity: A group of individuals merely running a program together won’t qualify for an ED.
  2. Not Operated Exclusively for Charitable Purposes: Charitable activities must dominate the NGO’s activities.
  3. Not Organized for Charitable Purposes: Members should not receive financial benefits, and assets should not be distributed for noncharitable purposes.
NGOsource Portal
NGOs fail to get EDs for other reasons too. So what is the best course to ensure you’re catching those NGOs that aren’t equivalent?

The ideal way to make these determinations is to follow consistent standards and process. Those should be based on guidance and interpretations from seasoned attorneys who specialize in international and tax-exempt restrictions.

NGOsource offers all that, plus our central repository builds on that standardization — to reduce risk even more.
Will We See You at the GMN Conference in 2014?
Making Connections 9th Annual Conference
Come to our booth or join one of our sessions at the Grants Managers Network 2014 conference in San Diego, California, March 1719, 2014.

We want your feedback! Bring us your questions, thoughts, concerns, hopes, and dreams as we refine NGOsource to address your specific needs. We’re happy to share our ideas, but we want to hear yours too. Send us your thoughts in advance if you like.

If you’re interested in saving on technology or helping your grantees focus their award funding, check out our session on free, donated, and discounted technology. Foundations and NGOs have saved billions in funding with our help.

To schedule a personal appointment, simply email us.
Partner Spotlight: Serving the Region in Spanish
With an online system in English, Spanish, French, and Mandarin Chinese, NGOsource certifies NGOs in more than 30 countries — thanks to a venerable network of partners that speak more than 20 native languages.

Centro Mexicano para la Filantropía (CEMEFI) is our partner in Mexico. CEMEFI lends NGOsource the ability to work with Spanish speakers across the region, from an NGO offering educational opportunity to Colombia’s disadvantaged children to another protecting Bolivia’s natural resources.

Localized help, such as CEMEFI, distinguishes NGOsource from other services. Our partners work in the NGO’s region, understand local customs, and speak the language.

NGOsource Partners
We do the legwork, legal work, and paperwork for you. NGOsource allows U.S. grantmakers to quickly and accurately determine if a foreign NGO is equivalent to a U.S. public charity (the process of "equivalency determination" or "ED").
MEet the Team

You can rely on the NGOsource leaders heading our international team, with legal experts Sheila Warren and Meghan Hanson, management innovators Ken Tsunoda and Kyle Reis, plus technology head Danish Saleem and senior account specialist Fonda Smith.
Whether you make dozens of global grants each year or just a few, we have a membership level that's right for you. Joining NGOsource at the right membership level minimizes overall cost. See how it works.

Or sign up here.
"NGOsource has been a great tool, streamlining the ED process for grantees and for us. It has definitely proven to be cost effective. Customer service is extremely responsive and helpful. I truly love the updates provided to me as an ED is pending. All in all, the service is fantastic."

— Shana Sorhaindo
Carnegie Corporation of New York
Need help or have questions? Visit our contact page. Email us at Check out our FAQs.

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