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Ken Tsunoda: Our New General Manager
Joining us as the new NGOsource general manager is Ken Tsunoda. He said:

Ken Tsunoda
I'm thrilled to help build NGOsource as we create a centralized repository of equivalency determinations — a resource to serve grantmakers and NGOs all over the world.

He personally understands the need that NGOsource serves:
I spent the last few years working for a foundation that made international grants. The burden of doing EDs became a major obstacle to providing assistance. So I became quite tuned in to the value proposition of NGOsource and how it facilitates international grantmaking.
Ken brings with him many years of experience in nonprofit management for organizations with international reach. Contact him anytime.
Working to Keep Children Safe: Humane Africa
Humane Africa
Many NGOs work to reverse horrifying practices. We're proud to help make international giving expedited and easier for them. Greenbaum Foundation requested one of our first certifications for Humane Africa.

In Southern and Eastern Africa, Humane Africa strives to end violent attacks on children related to traditional medicine. To raise awareness and end the problem, the NGO holds workshops and focus groups to show communities how the demand for traditional medicine provides an economic incentive for the attacks. They learn how to deter this. Humane Africa also helps victims receive medical and psychosocial support and fight discrimination.
Humane Africa Kids
Welcome to Our Newest Members
NGOsource Portal
As NGOsource membership grows, the centralized collection of equivalency determinations (EDs) also expands. This means members get the benefit of EDs already made (at a more affordable rate). Besides, standardizing the process reduces risk and adds efficiency.

With new members joining daily, NGOsource is honored to welcome the following international grantmakers:
Institute for New Economic Thinking
The Summit Charitable Foundation
V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation
Unbound Philanthropy
The Columbus Foundation
Innovate Foundation
NGOsource Reaches Around the Globe
Global Network
NGOsource already has an international reach with EDs in process right now for NGOs in the Netherlands, Ghana, South Korea, Peru, Columbia, Canada, the United Kingdom, China, South Africa, Australia, Ireland, Germany, France, Norway, Japan, and more countries daily.

Because we rely on our long-established network of global partners, they can work directly with NGOs in their country and region, considerate of local customs, in the local language. That's just one reason why we deliver fast and efficient results.
Superior Legal Expertise | Learn Foundation Law
Did you know our senior counsel, Meghan Hanson, coauthored the course materials for Learn Foundation Law when she served as assistant general counsel for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation?

Learn Foundation Law
This free online learning portal provides web-based training to supplement existing in-person training programs. It was developed collaboratively by the legal staff of The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

A free resource for private foundations (and others who are interested), this is the first of its kind to host e-trainings and tools related to the basic legal rules for private foundations. We're proud to have experts like Meghan leading the NGOsource team.
We do the legwork, legal work, and paperwork for you. NGOsource allows U.S. grantmakers to quickly and accurately determine if a foreign NGO is equivalent to a U.S. public charity (the process of "equivalency determination" or "ED").
American Bar Association

Sheila Warren, general counsel of NGOsource, will be presenting at the American Bar Association tax and trusts section meeting in San Francisco in September. Get a front-row seat to learn about NGOsource and how it serves grantmaking around the world.
Whether you make dozens of global grants each year or just a few, we have a membership level that's right for your organization. Joining NGOsource at the right membership level will minimize overall costs. See how it works.

Or sign up here.
"We've needed a centralized equivalency determination service like NGOsource for a long time. Without such a service, the alternatives are cumbersome and often cost prohibitive. NGOsource is poised to be a game changer for global grantmaking — and for scaling global social impact."

— Gared Jones
Points of Light Institute
Need help or have questions? Visit our contact page. Email us at Check out our FAQs.

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