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TechSoup for Libraries June 2013 Newsletter
June means summer vacation for some people, and for others it means spending time outside and working in their gardens (find out what gardening has to do with library technology in our recent blog post, Maximizing Your Harvest).

At TechSoup, June means you should place your donation requests before our fiscal year ends on June 30, 2013. Why the rush? Most of TechSoup's donation programs limit the number of requests you can place per fiscal year — our fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. Don't worry, you can request products again on July 1, but you don't want to miss out on your fiscal year 2013 allotment. Get the details here.
And the 2013 Digital Storytelling Challenge Awards Go To...
Library Spotlights
Our Digital Storytelling Challenge winners were announced May 28th and the Honorable Mention in Libraries Award went to The Athens County Public Library in Ohio for their 48-second video, Book-a-Bike.

TSdigs winner
This video succinctly announces their new program funded through a foundation grant (and makes you want to take a bike ride immediately!). You can read about the program in this Athens Messenger's article and view the program guidelines on the library website. Congrats for winning and for providing a healthy and fun new service for your community. View the winning library video:

The first place video story is “Freedom to Dream” by Charity Express/ Dalit Freedom Network. Watch their story to see how much of an impact can be made in 1 ½ minutes. You can view all the winning stories on our website.
Library Spotlights: News at Six
Library Spotlights
Last month we revealed three new library spotlights. Then we decided there are just too many fantastic things going on in libraries so we needed to share even more! We doubled our efforts and have six new spotlights shining brightly on libraries from Alaska to Connecticut and a few places in between. Check out their ideas and tips on how they are meeting their community needs and owning the Library Edge Benchmarks.
Library Spotlights
Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much
Librarian: Paula Gauthier
Library: Brandon Township Public Library, MI
Library Spotlights
Accessible Technology Year after Year
Librarian: Kathy Robins
Library: Billings Public Library, MT
Library Spotlights
Job Seeking and Entrepreneurship 24/7
Librarian: Judy Sparzo
Library: Fairfield Public Library, CT
Library Spotlights
All on Board
Librarian: Patricia Brown
Library: Haines Borough Public Library, AK
Library Spotlights
Building Partnerships Together
Librarian: Jill Cornwell
Library: Greenville County Library System, SC
Library Spotlights
The People Business
Librarian: Stephen Kershner
Library: Cook Memorial Public Library District, IL
TechSoup Product Spotlight: ClickTime
The ClickTime donation program at TechSoup provides web-based timesheets and resource management services to eligible U.S. public libraries, nonprofits, and charities.

Need help tracking your library volunteers or staff? This service provides a cloud computing approach to time tracking and resource management. Now you can easily know who is working on which projects and how many resources are being used. The admin fee for a one year subscription varies based on the number of users, from $30 for 10 users to $85 for 50 users.
Stay Connected with TechSoup for Libraries
Want to know what's up with TechSoup for Libraries? Follow us on Twitter (TechSoup4Libs) as we share sweet tech tweets! And check out the TechSoup for Libraries blog to read valuable library technology tips and techniques from libraries providing all types of public technology services. Tell us about your library and what you are doing to provide technology and training so we can share your story.

--Stephanie Gerding, TechSoup for Libraries
You can register more than one branch of the same library system — one for each site — to maximize your donations!

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To help libraries understand and use The Edge Benchmarks, we have been hosting webinars with library guests and experts. Here's a compilation of the benchmark webinars (with links to the archives) we offered over the last year. We thank all of the librarians that contributed their time and shared their knowledge with us!

As always, all of our webinars are free of charge and are archived online. Add these to your June calendar:
Downloading Your Donated Microsoft Software
June 6, (11 a.m. PT)

Interested in receiving donated Microsoft software through TechSoup? Join us to walk through the process of requesting, confirming, and downloading your donations!

Support Patron Learning in Small Spaces with Small Budgets
June 12 (11 a.m. PT)

Learn from small and rural libraries that are making technology training a reality for their patrons by benefiting from volunteers, leveraging partnerships, and integrating learning into everyday interactions.

This webinar is hosted in collaboration with TechSoup, WebJunction and the Association for Rural and Small Libraries.

Getting Started with TechSoup: 30-Minute Tour
June 20 (11 a.m. PT)

Learn how to join, register your organization, and request donated software, hardware, and services from TechSoup's donation programs with companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, and more!
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